6 Dec

Winter Blues | @BRATWAIT

featuring: Brathwait classic slim brown wrist watch

Hello guys, this is my blog for  the last month of 2017 and I am so grateful and excited to start the new year already. Plenty of things to look forward to. Before the Year 2017 come to an end. I would like to share with you my collaboration with Brathwait watch, US-based and a leading international watch company. I am so honored to be choosen as one of their selected brand ambassadors. I really love this watch for several reasons. First, it has interchangeable quick release straps, easy for me to change without going to any watch repair shop. Second, I found the sapphire dom looks very stylish. And last, the  superb workmanship of the watch.

On this day, I was wearing my first pair of navy blue suit from Emporio Armani, a classic Burberry cashmere scarf, sunnies from Tom Ford, a pair of brown monk-strap shoes from Zara and my favorite Kepal 45 grey bag from Louis Vuitton.

How do your find my overall outfit guys?

photos :@watkinsphotos

Erwin Mateo Trinidad

Erwin Mateo
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